Saturday, September 13, 2008

The First Date and Weekend Together!

So for our first date we went to Cherry Hill (mini golf) and had the time of our life even though it was 100 degrees that day! Just so you all know, she beat me! I don't like to tell people but for this I will!! It was pretty impressive and made me want to spend more and more time together with her!
After we went to Cherry Hill we went and met up with her mom and sister and her sister's family for lunch at the Rio Grande. This was also the first time she met my mom and dad!

Since we were already downtown we went to Gateway and went shopping! I got my Orange shirt! In fact its the one I have on in this picture! Doesn't it look sexy?! ;-)
I love this picture cause it was here that I grew to love her!! She is the most amazing woman in my life and I'm blessed to have her! I thank my Father in Heaven every day for putting her in my life!!!!!

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Stephanie G. said...

What a fun date, get to know each other golfing, then meet the fams, LOL. We should go mini-golfing with our boys there this summer.