Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Wedding November 21,2008

our beautiful cake done by deanna at dan's bakery me and my new family. how cute
she was amazing

Our first public kiss as a married couple....... if you dont count the one over the alter

its the classic walk out of the temple... but its so nice to see everyone you know and love

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How We Met!!

A 25 year old, dark hair, green eyed Hottie with a Naughty Body seeks a Stud of a Man to call her own. Hottie from Santa Barbara enjoys Country, Hip-Hop, and White Girl Music and ANY movie with Mark Wahlberg. This sports fan also enjoys Murder Mysteries and wants her own Mark Whalberg to keep her warm on a cold Utah night.

A 22 year old dark hair, blue eyed Deep Sleeper seeks a Sugar Mama to come home to at night. Sleeper from Marietta enjoys movies, music, and food. The way to sleeper’s heart is a woman who knows what a safety is in football and knows how to cook. This kind hearted gentleman will treat you like a princess and one day pay for a castle to call your very own.

The First Date and Weekend Together!

So for our first date we went to Cherry Hill (mini golf) and had the time of our life even though it was 100 degrees that day! Just so you all know, she beat me! I don't like to tell people but for this I will!! It was pretty impressive and made me want to spend more and more time together with her!
After we went to Cherry Hill we went and met up with her mom and sister and her sister's family for lunch at the Rio Grande. This was also the first time she met my mom and dad!

Since we were already downtown we went to Gateway and went shopping! I got my Orange shirt! In fact its the one I have on in this picture! Doesn't it look sexy?! ;-)
I love this picture cause it was here that I grew to love her!! She is the most amazing woman in my life and I'm blessed to have her! I thank my Father in Heaven every day for putting her in my life!!!!!

Her Trip to Kennewick!

She missed me sooooooo much that she decided to take some time off of work and come spend time with me for a while as I was doing summer sales!!

Meeting the Fam in Park City!

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time! Though it was nerve-racking it was really fun!!We went and spent time at Jordanelle Lake with her family and just had a blast! It was relaxing and exciting all in one! As everyone was cleaning up, her dad said that the kids 10 and under didn't have to clean Jessica the funny girl that she is, told me that I didn't have to cause I'm too young! She's just sad because she is so old! ;-)

I just wanted to thank the Boden's for the amazing and fun weekend that we had! I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make that a great and memorable weekend